UiPath Activities Guide

Release Notes

UiPath.Excel.Activities v2.0.6526.16321

Release Date: 13th December 2017

This release brings a new activity to the pack, which enables the user to save the workbook that is being used during the runtime of an Excel Application Scope. Also, a new property has been added for the Excel Application Scope, which specifies if the changes made to the workbook are to be saved automatically after exiting the Scope activity. Several known issues have been fixed, as can be seen below.

New Features and Enhancements

  • The AutoSave property has been added to the Excel Application Scope, enabling all child activities of this container to save the workbook after their execution ends.
  • The Save Workbook activity has been added. This is a child activity of the Excel Application Scope container. It enables the user to save changes made to the workbook throughout the body of the Excel Application Scope.

Bug Fixes

  • The AddHeaders property of the Read Range activity is now set to True by default.
  • The Get Cell Color activity's Output property category is now spelled correctly, for all you grammar aficionados out there.
  • If the WorkbookPath property points to an .xlsm file that doesn't exist, the file is now created without any issues.

Known Issues

  • The IsPivot property of the Get Table Range activity does not function properly.
  • The Read Column activity fails to properly read columns with empty cells.
  • Assigning a variable and then using the Execute Macro activity with the variable as input throws an exception.

Release Notes