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Release Notes

UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities v1.1.0

Release Date: 10th June 2019

New Features and Improvements

The CV Get Text activity now has a new property, UseClipboard, which enables you to use the clipboard feature to retrieve text.

The Computer Vision Recorder now enables you to change the app you are automating in with a new button.

We have performed several cosmetic improvements on the entire Computer Vision activities pack, changing several icons in the UI.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused downgrading the UIAutomation package in a project that contained Computer Vision activities to throw an error.

  • In certain situations, the OCR engine used with the Computer Vision activities returned no results after screen scraping.

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Empty Field property of the Computer Vision Recorder to only empty the last row in multi-row fields.

UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities v1.0.1

Release Date: 22nd April 2019

New Features and Improvements

We proudly present the first stable version of the Computer Vision activities, which implement our UiPath in-house developed neural network into standard UI automation activities such as CV Click or CV Type Into, outfitting them with an AI that emulates the human visual system, capable of recognizing UI elements and mimicking human actions. For more information on the new activities, you can find the docs here.

Our proprietary Machine Learning model is packed for on-prem Enterprise-ready deployments, while our cloud server remains free for our Community users, furthering our RPA democratization efforts. For more information on deploying the on-prem server, you can find the docs here.

Known Issues

  • Studio crashes when using Computer Vision Recording on a machine running Windows 7 without the KB 2533623 update. For a list of software requirements, please go here.

Release Notes

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